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Tantrums Bullying Risky
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How Big Will Your Baby Be?

Many Latinos don't eat a nutritious diet and that has been linked to underweight and malnourished babies  more ...

Health Notes

Latino Families eat a diet that is rich in fibers but also contains a lot of starch and sugars that can cause Diabetes and Heart Disease more ...

Is it Babytalk or a Speech Disorder?

Most Latino Families speak their native language at home and when the children start school they are surprised  more ...









Having Fun in the sandbox
Autor: Nora Sanchez
Age: 8 years.
Country: El Salvador

My mommy, daddy and I love to play in the sandbox in our backyard more ...

Valentine for Mommy
Autor: Jose gonzalez
Age: 8 years.
Country: Mexico

 I made this heart for my mommy for Valetines Day because she is the most beautiful more ...

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